Want Targeted Leads To Your LinkedIn Account?

BuildAndCome.com offers a unique solution that Turns Twitter Into a Powerful Lead Generation Pipeline.


We carefully select targeted user demographics that you are interested in connecting with and drive them directly to your LinkedIn.

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Would You Pay $5/Week To Connect With New Customers?


Join the thousands of sales professionals have harnessed the power of Twitter to drive qualified sales leads into hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of conversions. For $5/week you can demo our Twitter sales funnel.


Increase your Twitter potential and GET MORE LEADS straight into your LinkedIn inbox.


Just sit back and watch your LinkedIn connections grow, as you develop a network of profitable leads.



Never Cold Call Again!

Inbound leads are more effective than cold calling any day. If a person is an inbound lead, it means that they have visited your LinkedIn account because they were interested in who you are and the services that you can provide them. They are already Qualified Leads.

Simplify Your Sales Process

By driving people to connect with you on LinkedIn, the two hardest parts of turning a prospect into a lead are already done for you.
  • Our Process
  • 1. Establishes Credibility
  • 2. Qualifies The Lead

Happier Customers

Educated customers make a salesperson's job much, much easier. Customers are also happier, because they know what to expect from your services.

Save Time And Money

Leads that connect with you on LinkedIn already have some idea about your business and services you provide. This saves you time and money trying to establish credibility. Establish your expertise and credibility with a credible LinkedIn account.